Gun Show hours are Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4. Someone needs to stay at your booth each day until the show closes.

Set up time is Friday 7pm-9pm and Saturday 7am-8:30am for the Denham Springs Show ONLY.. Please call if an emergency comes up and you will be late or not be able to attend. Tables are released to anyone waiting on a table at 8:30 AM on Saturday if we have not heard from you. You can reach us at 225-480-8229 or 225-301-7391. Phone calls only accepted for cancellations – no emails. Arts & Craft Shows and Holiday Shows are sold by 10x10 spaces. Gun Shows / Sportsman Shows are sold by the 8ft table. Please see the fees for 10x10 space fees and Table on the registration form under the vendor tab. Reservations are to be paid in FULL to secure your space. To secure the same or similar table location at the next show reserve by Sunday at 1 pm to secure your same spot. The $5 discount is only applicable if tables or spaces are pre-reserved at the show. All tables not reserved by 2 pm are open for reservations by other vendors. Non-related tables are $100 Gun Shows and Sports & Outdoor shows and $75 for Arts & Craft shows each with prior approval.

No checks accepted without prior approval from promotors. Money orders only two weeks prior to the show. All vendor's are required to register on the website under the vendor tab and pay through the payment link sent to your email unless you received prior approval for a check.

We have a two week cancellation policy. No refunds up to two weeks prior to the show date. No-shows owe the full price of the tables / booths reserved.

Taxes are picked up at the show or mailed after the show. Locations vary on how they collect taxes and we will let you know at check-in as to what the parish requires and the tax rate. You will be given a local tax form and a state tax form if needed to mail in.

Please bring a table cover and something waterproof to cover your merchandise when you leave on Saturday night if the show is a two day event. We do have 24 hour security provided by the local Sheriff's dept or Police dept on any show where GUNS are sold, but you are ultimately responsible for your merchandise. We are not responsible for water damage due to A/C or roof leaks.

All outside shows will go on rain or shine

Power is available at all shows. You will need your own power cord and tape (gaffers tape is the best / No Gorilla tape!). You are responsible for any damage that incurs to the floor or wall with the use of your tape. Denham Springs has a basketball gym floor so please take that into consideration. Prices are different depending on the venue and are subject to change without notice.

Internet is available at most shows. There is no guarantee of internet as sometimes there are connectivity problems. If you HAVE to have internet, please bring your own hot spot.

Maximum badges are up to two per vendor to get into and out of the show. You will also be given a copy of show rules and gun tie rules for Gun shows (if you are a firearms dealer) when you check in. Please make yourself familiar with the show rules. Ultimately we want you to have a GREAT show and have a FUN weekend.